India’s Most Trusted Education Award is the most acclaimed recognition in the field of education. It is an ultimate seal of the quality education, values, excellence & commitment towards the development of students & nation’s education infrastructure.

The awards program provides a powerful platform to showcase the success stories & achievements of the educational institutions who have earned a mark of trust through their utmost dedication & responsibility towards education & learning.

India’s Most Trusted Education Award is a matter of prestige for the winners as the institutions are selected by the consumers.

Your institution will be entitled to the following benefits:
  • A digital certificate of trust & excellence will be awarded to the winner institution.
  • The winners will be entitled to the Logo usage rights of India’s Most Trusted Education Award 2020 for a span of one year from the date of receiving the award. The institution can use the logo in all of their publicity & marketing collaterals including brochure, catalogues, hoardings, Newspaper Ads, TV Ads, campaigns etc.
  • Media kit including a press release copy, various formats of the logo and banner design to display your achievement in the premises & for marketing / promotional purpose.
  • Institution profile / an article (up to 1000 words) along with your Chairperson/Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor/Principal picture to be published on an International News Portal.
  • 2 Min interview AV of your Chairperson/Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor/Principal to be published on an International News Portal.
  • 1 min audio-visual clip of the winner institution to be publicized through on an International News Portal.
  • Award recipient logo to be displayed on our awards website with other winners.
  • Publicity through press release distribution, publicity on social media platforms and other PR activities, to ensure maximum coverage & mileage for the winner institutions.
  • The institution can communicate (via pictures, logo & title of the award) and reach out to the society & the target consumers in a much more confident manner than before.
  • The winners using the right mix of marketing & publicity techniques will see a significant growth in their stature, brand & ranking amongst the other institutions throughout the nation because of the authenticity and the trust factor associated with the award title.
  • Winning this award will help boost the morale of the staff/employees/students, give them more sense of pride and motivate them to perform better and achieve more.
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